Letting Go

memories gone

even though


you want to reach out

and hold on

til your knuckles

show white…

your hands repel whatever

you touch…

At this point,

it’s better

to let your arms

fall to your sides

and despite your desperation

take a deep breath

and just




David L. Whitman 05/30/2012 from the edge of the tracks…


46 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Awe…the moving train….your words reminded me of the write up I did on the glove, and how with closed hand everything bounces off. Good to release the old to let in the beautiful newness all about. Lovely shot and lovely words, Sam the Strawberry

  2. Yes – big topic here… letting go when we still feel attachment. Sometimes time helps, sometimes not. You are on the right “track” though David….releasing resistance is the goal – and the rest usually takes care of itself… Love your train shot — this one was a tug on the heartstrings! Sleep peace!

  3. It’s odd how everyone else in the world, Everyone, seems to think like moves like a train at times of tragedy. “Life goes on.” Not always. Some days it sits and rusts. The tracks may point forward, but the engine is still. Letting go is refueling your engine. Only you know what must burn and what must remain. Here’s my take: Brain Blisters
    Be blessed in your journey ~D

  4. Oh I don’t know…
    a roller coaster ride once in a while reminds us of what we have….
    but usually only once we have got off the coaster and have our feet on firm ground 🙂

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