Rock Regrets

just a rock…


Hiding from the throng,

The rock looked back

at certain life choices…

and though he hated to admit it…

things may have been

better down at the quarry

with the sun on

his back

and dreams in

his head…

But, now…

even with the safety

of a secluded elm..

and the coolness

of the dewy grass

peace was truly…

a rare



David L. Whitman 05/31/2012 from the shade of an elm…


40 thoughts on “Rock Regrets

  1. Ah dear rock…we have all been there…you are not alone at all are you. You found friends here you didn’t expect, and each of our hearts is touched by yours.

  2. peace is not usually omnipresent when there is silence, for usually its when we are silent that thoughts were freely shouting inside our heads πŸ™‚ morning realizations for breakfast, thank you David πŸ™‚

  3. That ‘rock’ looks like a ‘heart’ stone- no wonder it is so sensitive:) Alas for the rock, grass is always greener at the quarry…

  4. Rocks can be so sedimentary. (giggle) What I liked about the rock is his way of pondering, but he happened to miss the lovely view. The roots that hugged him, the leaves that caressed him, and what looks like tiny little flowers that were trying to tell him of the treasures hidden underneath him…if only he would move a tad to the left, or the right either way. Hee hee

    Great image! And wonderful pondering words! πŸ™‚

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