off kilter

and tilted

though the world

may be…

blame is a fool’s game..

  for grasping equilibrium

will often manifest

 with an internal struggle

as always it should be

for people who

truly desire what

ancient wisdom

may term…


And who really wants

to not even have

control of

at least..



David L. Whitman 05/312012 from under the sky of dusk…


35 thoughts on “Tilted

  1. Thank you for your thought. I never enjoyed poetry as a child because I had a hard time understanding it. As I grew older I took the time to try and understand. I love your work you do it well. And like I said before the photo always gives your words more depth and meaning.

  2. Off kilter 😦 … but great ‘shadowdavid’ image ~ I love it 🙂 Yes – it seems the harder we try to find equilibrium the more the world shows us unstable surfaces… It’s always a balancing act isn’t it? I hear you… Now ~ are you wearing a long jacket in this portrait? Sending you good thoughts today that will bring you back to your center 🙂

  3. May you find your center of balance…vertigo is a very bad thing. Hope your day is going well. Great writing and interesting shot too.

  4. Shadows play tricks and bend when the world lies straight. It is what falls between the source and the shadow that is you…and therein is the freedom. Let the light dance and the shadows flicker, but know thyself. ~D

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