Suenos de Aqua


the endless flow of water

laps suavely over every inch

of my tired limbs…

And with each second of

this aquatic baptism

my flayed mind

comes to the slow decision

that halting all

thought for even one second…

Is worth a lifetime

of the drudgery that so much

of us so


and eagerly



David L. Whitman 06/01/2012 from banks of the river in my mind


29 thoughts on “Suenos de Aqua

  1. It looks peaceful and so serene. We have some places like that here in Ky but right now you would be full of tics. Your photo is beautiful and your words accomadate it well.

  2. Like one big EXHALE….. Great image David and another terrific poem – summing up how many of us feel when we are needing to find any way to quiet the mind… 🙂

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