Strength in Light

Even the darkest of clouds

brimming with an evil

mined from soil found beneath

the river Styx…

can not stand against

a single ray of light

sent with the sincerity

of a pure heart…

This I feel…

this I know..


David Lee Whitman 06/02/2012 from the soccer fields with my sons


12 thoughts on “Strength in Light

  1. I have faith light is most powerful ~ and, yes, can outshine evil forces if the heart is pure! Very cool photo – and wonderful poem to match… Sleep peace David!

  2. David, the picture is very very beautiful and your poem is very true and deep. I absolutely agree. An honest light, pierces all darkness …
    So it is with the light of our souls, if it is sincere and pure it can light the dark moments of our lives and illuminate our life and make it more beautiful. Thank you so much for having shared with us.
    I wish you all the best and much happiness, David! 🙂

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