Dream Sinking…


Like a leaf,

I float down on a gentle breeze

falling and splashing

Into the embrace of

my watery lover…

Smoothing the hair from my brow,

she pulls me down into

her cool embrace..

She fills my lungs

and gives me dreams..

so many sweet sweet dreams…

Visions of a new today,

and of a better tomorrow…

Till I no longer remember

why I’m here…

If I’m alive…

who I


or what I ever



David Lee Whitman 06/03/2012 from a dreamlike state…

48 thoughts on “Dream Sinking…

  1. Aaa! Love this! (Including the image!)

    “She fills my lungs

    and gives me dreams..

    so many sweet sweet dreams…”

    Beautiful imagery! (The whole thing, but I liked these words a lot.)

  2. This was the photo I was hoping you would use. I love the color. Love the water. Everything about this photo is inviting, sweet, and pure. Poetry however is not good for my second chakra!!! Too romantic! sigh. he he Very dreamy, indeed. πŸ™‚ Sam the green fruit

  3. this is one of my favorite so far D! I really enjoyed it! I agree with the comments above. Book Material! well done D xoxo

  4. Well, I commented earlier (from the i phone) but looks like it did not take. I came back to revisit as that’s how much I liked ~
    If I recall … said: NEW FAVORITE!!! The photo looks like an impressionist painting and the words…. well, there are NO WORDS πŸ™‚ Love it all ~ takes you (me) away πŸ˜‰ Tremendous post David…

  5. I could feel this one in my heart. So strong and. Water is my first love and this is EXACTLY how I feel whenever inside of it. So perfectly put. Amazing ❀

  6. So Very Beautiful!
    “Who I /am/ or what I ever/was…” My goodness, that is Perfect, ethereal. (Photo, too, and perfect for your poem as well.)
    Thank you for taking me a way for a few moments. ~ Lily

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