Cool Rapture


A ribbon of coolness

cuts through the warmth

of the day above…

Mixing with the sun

to make a frosty treat

just ready for consumption…

begging to be used…

or at least to be gazed


smiled upon…

and honored..

with true




David L. Whitman 06/04/2012 from beside a stream so blue…


38 thoughts on “Cool Rapture

  1. David, the picture is absolutely stunning and very relaxing. I would like to live there! :)))
    It’s wonderful poem written by you.
    I wish one day very very beautiful, David! 🙂

  2. Stunning, the photo is so beautiful, it looks so lovely. Your words, as always, well, rapturous…lol. Have a great day dear David!

  3. When I first saw this photo, after you posted, I thought the frosting atop a cupcake! So very glad to see you used the word frosty. It is a place beckoning to grow and illuminate beauty. Very beautiful poem. 🙂 All comes together for a sensual treat! Well done. Sam of the green 🙂

  4. Hi I hope you don’t mind, but I have nominated you for the Commentator Award.
    To find out the details please visit

    Thank you for being a regular visitor and giving constructive feedback on a regular basis. Your comments are not only welcomed but they are also eagerly anticipated!! 🙂
    (If you don’t take part in awards then – just a big thank you and a shout out for your blog – to say Thank you David!!)


  5. poo David, This one gave me a few goosebumps…brrrr! Sort of refreshing too. So exciting they are restoring this habitat…. all lovely ~ and love your photo along side this great poem! ~RL

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