Touchless….Different Take…



When something is locked up…

set aside…

And hidden from our

groping hands…

It’s not because we are

securing beauty

for future generations..

so open your ears..

The warning bell has sounded


It’s only to protect


from the greatest

danger of all…

The craftiest of all foes……..



David L. Whitman 06/06/2012 standing grounded in rubber soles…


39 thoughts on “Touchless….Different Take…

  1. How true is that…we are our own worst enemies as humans aren’t we. Hope your day is going well Dear David. Glad you’ve stayed grounded;)

  2. Cool picture David…. Very geometric! The photo reflects your message well as those straight lines are usually man made and not found in nature! Nature offers more curves and softer angles. Hope the universe heard your poem today…. Such a good point you make! πŸ™‚

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