Indigo Eyes…

Fear running like

a freight train

on an old rusted track…

hurtling forward

with diabolical joy…

Even with desperation,

my waving arms mean

nothing to stubborn steel…

magnetized feet, ironly

rooted to my silver grave…

A friend to flexibility

was yesterday’s calling…


the iron horse

is all I see

is all I know…

And despite the smiles

and cheers from the daisy field…

in the end…

my indigo eyes saw

nothing else…


David L. Whitman 06/11/2011 caught in the headlights


30 thoughts on “Indigo Eyes…

  1. Oh wow David… I have a very similar shot in b&w sitting in my drafts — haven’t used it as it conjured up some darker thoughts for me, and your poem sums up some of that in a magical way… It’s a masterpiece David ~ wonderfully written….emotional and strong.

    Sending Hugs !!

    • Awe Robyn thank you…I really like this one a lot and the funny thing is that I didn’t really have dark thoughts. Buttttt then it just became 🙂

  2. beautiful shot Tracks are amazing for some people its all about past where they came from and for somenitis moving forward,its how you see them and where you are when looking at them….absolutely marvelous how you have woven the poetry around it

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