Life Returns


Like a whisper,

life returns..

What was once dry…

became a trickle

and then a torrent…

storm clouds were the

color of friendship

as they purpled their way

across the sky

contributing to the thirsty

land below…

And as the water goes…

so does the life follow…


and lovingly

chained together

gears turning,

freshly oiled..

Never speaking…

only smiling…

until the curtain falls down

on the end of

the world…


David L. Whitman 06/11/2012 watching the deluge


55 thoughts on “Life Returns

      • here…rivers rage lakes…mountain run off, and oil slicks in one of them…floods..the good, the bad, the ugly:)

        • One of the worst here…they’re trying, but it’s going straight into the drinking water not far from here…Ah..the lovely destruction industries:)But heh? Theres jobs…ironic if we’re all dead, there’s no one to work em. (pessimistic me just broke the surface)

        • oh! believe me…That stuff drives me crazy…Let’s de regulate industry so they can afford to not send jobs overseas…But I remember not being able to swim at the beach when I was little and the bay being smelly and without fish and mammals…Yet now it’s clear and full of life…that came from regulations…buttttt now we have a high unemployment rate in florida…All I know is there is no excuse for destroying an environment that even industry requires

        • (boiling blood) ah…the age old questions emerge…here, they continue to lower environmental standard..soon, it’ll be beautiful..only if you go to the national parks that line ‘their’ pockets, we will be sitting in tar sands tailings ponds, covered in black ooze like the ducks

  1. David, the lyrics are very very beautiful! And is much truth in them.
    I love this post. Have a wonderful day!
    Be blessed, David, with very beautiful life and with love! πŸ™‚

  2. magnificent images and beautiful words. Thanks.
    I like how you’ve set this up. My other blog ( has photos along with the poetry but not presented nearly as well. I’m still learning all this and need to check it out further. in the meantime Bravo!

  3. Dreamy photo and a great poem..these words are so well written,
    ‘Like a whisper,
    life returns..
    What was once dry…
    became a trickle
    and then a torrent…’

  4. Appears this week away has done you good David — your work is progressing into new dimensions… Wonderful ~ like a dance with words — lyrical and brilliant πŸ™‚

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