Scarred Yet Strong


scarred and beaten down…

rusted to its

shadow core…

this essence of humanity…

despite its many mistakes…

still deserves the cooling salve

only given to those

who simply ask

for it…

And though fear

may still the tongue of some…

Others are pleased

with a simple dip..

within the

blue waters,

from which..


and all its kindness….



David L. Whitman 06/11/2012 alive and kicking


36 thoughts on “Scarred Yet Strong

  1. ahh, teacher David’s back!hooray!i loved the last line after the date of your post haha!ofcourse youa re, silly πŸ™‚ mistakes can never be a torture chamber, it must be our greatest teacher…great piece to start your posting again David πŸ™‚

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