Beauty Marks

Like a post

that marks the boundary

between real

and illusion..

So does beauty

lay its claim

to even the


ripples in

the pond..

Only there for

a swirl of time

and then scrawled

down into a tome

of memories

too sweet to



David L. Whitman 06/12/2012 from the ripples of time


46 thoughts on “Beauty Marks

  1. I’m not going to pretend I know what message you are trying to convey, because I really don’t know. Sorry! I’m dumb. But I like the picture. It is begging to be stolen.

  2. Beauty can be discovered in the most unexpected places David. And like the swirls that vanish – all things beautiful remain in the heart and within the walls of our memories… This is just beautiful ~ and such an artistic photo to match your words…. Sending Love and visions of beauty today ~ RL

    • I’m copying Robin today, teacher, as she summed up the poem perfectly. 🙂
      Ditto to her whole comment.
      Lovely work David. I loved all the contrasts, reflections in the water, different lines of focus; a beauty of a photo to look at, and wonderful poem to reflect upon. Sam the fruit 🙂

  3. Beautiful picture. Our mind can be filled with all kinds of memories but it is up to us where we want to file them and when we want to pull them out again and which ones we use.

  4. I love that in this shot, the post has ripples that mimic the ripples you would see on a pond when a stone has been cast into the water…yet the pond has none…the boundary between real and the ‘tome’…perhaps they are one and the same. Lovely pensive in a dreamscape way.:)

  5. David, the picture is very beautiful and your lyrics relevance. I really like. It is a fact that beauty is fleeting, however, may remain impregnated in our minds and hearts as it once was. At this I wore my mind when I read your poem and I saw the picture.
    I wish you a wonderful evening and all the best, David! 🙂

  6. The beauty of this piece is beyond words for me, I still haven’t figured out how to start the comment…oh well, I’ll just indulge myself to my repetitive amazement 🙂

  7. Oh, this one made me smile from the beginning to the end. Looking for beauty everywhere makes me feel a sense of calm in everything. The words feel very elegant and simplistic at the same time… beautiful image too!

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