It Creeps Doesn’t It?


Chuckling in its throat

Like a greasy conspirator…

The water lay still…

oh so still..

waiting for that one

perfect moment…

to creep into the ground,

intertwine with its flora friends

and help the kingdom

of plants to rise again..

but until then,

with the rainy season arrived…

it had all the time

in the world…

to just




David L. Whitman 06/13/2012 awaiting the uprising

37 thoughts on “It Creeps Doesn’t It?

  1. I love water! It is so versatile. We can write and write about and there will still be more magic found in it on another day. I really enjoyed how you captured the personality of this particular puddle of water creeping about being all patient. πŸ™‚

  2. Interesting. I was just going back over a work by Orson Scott Card and he speaks of water’s desire to “wash all away, make the world smooth. Creepy little molecules fomenting revolution!

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