Slow Dreams


Dew drops like

crystal shards

as my legs part

the greening stalks…

My metronomic pulse

drops in tempo….

  And the slow waves

lap the shore

like a gentle kiss…

Is this my destiny?

Is this where I belong?

Only the wind and waves know…

And despite your insistence,

 that secret shall

remain buried..

  deep in the



David L. Whitman 06/14/2012 from the edge of a dream


38 thoughts on “Slow Dreams

  1. This one goes well with my post! I took a photo very close to this one yesterday. And my last photo on my post…..clearing throat…which you have not seen yet……clearing throat….is a tree by the water. Now that I’ve made this ALL about me….let’s focus on your masterpiece. Sigh….very dreamy. And the rhythm superb. I like when your words have that layer of mystery. Is your goal in life to make all the ladies swoon over you??? he he. Hugs, Sam the evergreen fruit

  2. I’m giggling away reading your comments today… yes – this post and Sam’s post… seduction is everywhere today!!! It’s all good though – very good – and your photo does do the dreamy thing David…can just take a girl away — and then the words… well, I will say no more… you outdid yourself for the women of the WordPress community this eve ::) and sue – you can just 🙂 ~RL

  3. dreamy and ethereal in words and photography..the erratic pulse you’ve mentioned is astounding in construction and felt the depth of it..truly a tale of heaven and kisses…nice posting 🙂

  4. Good gracious! Your writing is fantastically seductive and full of double meanings. Or do I just have a mind that leans toward innuendo? Either way… LOVE! And your photography is gorgeous.

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