The Carving….


If granite walls

can be split asunder

by the power of a

refreshing drink…

Then surely

a few weeds cannot stand

to this liquid






The power of the stream

is a slow giant

so darkly



David L. Whitman 06/14/2012 making word arrows


18 thoughts on “The Carving….

  1. Sometimes I wonder what is more powerful,water or wind. But look at the weeds the most unwanted they sprout up everywhere,are they really weeds,should we look at them differently. Wonderful photo and words to make me think.

  2. Terrific shot… showing the ultimate power of water. It’s amazing properties… and strength are often underestimated. This is a great poem – light yet powerful just like water itself! A slow giant — i like that! Nice one David πŸ™‚ Have a great day !! ~ RL

  3. So darkly sweet…..hmmmm…..I think I like that. Water is source. Have you ever studied the water crystals, how they change with intention of thought when frozen? Wonderful poem and interesting photo…those weeds are tough, too….. πŸ™‚ Sam of the evergreen

  4. This one has my mind all over the place…in the shot…the weeds are standing here…and do survive the water..better than granite…great pensive piece…wrapped with emotion at the same time..

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