Ritual Gold


sparkling waters meld with  the sun

in an effortless symbiosis…

the dance begins

as an eternal solar waltz…

sliding to and fro over

the glimmering wetness…

Moving with an elegance

befitting these primal lovers…


with an aching crash,

the sun dives deep…

cooling and refreshing..

twisting and turning…

born again many fathoms down..

only to climb back up

step by golden step..

 back to its throne…

set to rule another day

from the eternal

land of

the living..


David L. Whitman 06/15/2012 from the banks of Lettuce Lake…


25 thoughts on “Ritual Gold

  1. David, your lovely poem! Also the picture is outstanding! Thank you so much for your sharing with us so beautiful!
    Wishing you a wonderful day and all the best, David! 🙂

      • I can relate there … I was not even planning to write when I began blogging….a fellow-blogger asked me to try my own quotes (she liked my writing in my story/about pages)… and then I realized what you are expressing – the photos do inspire and spark the pen. Wonderful and do Love Ritual Gold ~ Have a wonderful weekend and Father’s Day David 🙂

        • My God Robyn:)))) I love your fotos, but your words impact as well…They really go hand in hand…Awe..thank you..father’s day is much more special to me than my birthday:)

        • Thank you for that David. I will continue to dabble in the writing….you are a great inspiration re: words… so amazed at your volume and quality of poetry daily. Enjoy your boys Sunday — they have so much to celebrate given the Dad that I know you are 🙂

        • :)))))))))))))))))))))))) Well..tomorrow we go fishing and on sunday morning, hiking…then we will go out out to eat with my mom and dad:)))) thank you Robyn:)

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