Trust the Breeze


there are paths

and there are trails…

so the learn the way

to spread your sails..

Catch the wind that’s

up today…

where you’ll go

I couldn’t say..

So trust the one

who brought you here…

Give a smile

without a fear…

and sail along

no moan or groan….

soon enough…

you’ll find your home..

Your destination’s

still unknown…

Only where the

wind has blown…


David L. Whitman 06/16/2012 from the edge of the breeze


45 thoughts on “Trust the Breeze

  1. This reminds me of a childrens book..I can’t quite place which one…so lovely…hope your day is starting well:)

  2. David, your poem is wonderful! You say very true! I absolutely agree with you! The wind is very important in our journey through life. We humans are like ships. Sailing on the ocean of life, which is sometimes slow, sometimes whirling … and only with the wind aft we reach the destination fixed, otherwise we will sink.
    “Give a smile now without fear …” – I like! I smile now! 🙂
    Thank you so much, that you share with us! Have a wonderful day and a relaxing weekend with your family! Be blessed with happiness, David! 🙂

  3. NICE!!! Trust – hugely important. It frees us so much to be able to just move with the wind – and let things unfold and flow with ease. Well put today in your verse – and lovely photo to match…. 😉 Sending Father’s Day Hugs to you ….

  4. Is it not strange that you can not see the wind or where it goes or where it really comes from.Thanks David for reminding me to be thankful for the slightest breeze on this hot humid Kentucky day.

  5. You’ve got it, excactly, David. Yay for you! You’ve really managed to take some stunning shots lately. I know that brings you happiness. So happy for you! It is about letting go and letting God. So much of life is easier if we bend like the trees in the wind. Thanks for sharing Mr. W. Much light and love to you this Father’s Day weekend. You deserve it, my friend. Sam 🙂

  6. in case my slips to forget which it tends – enjoy your everyday role – especially tomorrow!
    now back to this marvelous post of your – lovely lovely lovely – the focused trees so still so raw like and inviting. my mind has read it over and over. wow you sure know how to ponder that flicker within!

  7. I was going to say, your poem doesn’t even rhyme! Then I read it again. Oh ok. it actually rhymes. I read it wrong the first time. Phew! Glad I’m spared the embarrassment.

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