Dark Choices




On the banks

 now enervating…

Feel the breeze


where to jump?

 quick calibrating…

Deep inside


Sinking down…


Resting sweet


Forever Night..


down below…

There is no glow

deep beneath

the river’s flow…


David L. Whitman 06/17/2012 from the bottom of the creek…


36 thoughts on “Dark Choices

  1. David, the picture is perfect, cool and refreshing, and also your poem is perfect …
    You say very very true!
    Today, we need a cool dark place for us, is very very hot.
    I send warm and friendly smiles from Romania, to you in Florida!
    Be blessed with beautiful life together with your family!
    Have a great Sunday, David ! 🙂

  2. Salivating! You will when you see an amazing seafood dinner I had over the weekend. Watch this space! Err.. Actually not this space because this is your blog. Watch my space! Not myspace. But my blog! Sigh. You get the idea.
    -hazrock, almost went parasailing.

  3. I like the photo it is kind of mysterious and on the other hand very soft even the poem is beauty like always, like this lines even they make me feel sad. Have a great father’s day.

    down below…

    There is no glow

    deep beneath

    the river’s flow

  4. Reminds me of a child-like glee, standing before something worth having and about to plunge. Liked all the “ing” words…..gave the poem a certain appeal. Beautiful photo. HaPpY FaThEr’S dAy!!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Sam 🙂

  5. A piece filled with doubles and conflicts, joy and sadness…quite a heartful piece of work. Hope your day is going well.:)

  6. You had me at “DARK CHOICES!”. Ha ha ha This was a swelling mix of dizzy. It made me want to dive under to see what I would discover, but then I thought the imaginations you triggered were far better. Liked this very much and the image!

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