Future Twisted

Twisted through mistakes

and choices

long since forgotten…

Nothing will straighten

out these crooked branches…

growing down the pathways

of made decisions…

But, despite their unusual symmetry,

there is a true beauty

to this tree…

that has grown  where it wanted…

and how it wanted..

to the point that anyone

looking its way

does not see its past…

but only what

may be…


David L. Whitman 06/17/2012 from the boughs of a twisted tree


43 thoughts on “Future Twisted

  1. David, very true saying. Very nice comparison you made between tree branches and our lives and our decisions mistakes.
    We are imperfect. Imperfection makes us special and beautiful.
    There should be ashamed of our past. You have to accept it.
    The present moment is very important and is the foundation of our future. To do everything in our power to keep our integrity to go forward with my head up.
    Have a great day, David. A new week full of achievements and much joy! I send warm smiles and friendly! 🙂

    • So well said Stefania. To move forward with our headup despite our imperfections. That is the insight:). Thank you so much and huge hugs and smiles to you:))))

  2. lovely thoughts to match a perfect twisting tree, made just as source intended to shelter the world with all his gifts….no mistakes, only understanding and drawing closer to unconditional love. Beautiful, again, my friend. Another tree to add to my tea party. 🙂 Hugs and love, Sam the green fruit

  3. What a beautiful poem David..oh if only people understood to let others be and bring out their innner glow then no one will look at you outershell but what you truly are and what you will be….loved it loved it…wonderful

    David all your shots are so inspiring..was thinking if you start photo-poetrychallenges
    something like the photo prompts for stories or friday fictions
    you have a great eye and I for one would love to participate..think about it..

      • Post your shot on a predecided day..say monday and everyone who wants to participate will have to come up with their poetry on that shot by say friday..including you
        and people will link back their poetries to your shot so that more and more people can know about the challenge and visit your blog to participate
        it will be fun to see how a single image creaes different write ups

        • :))))))). Well it sounds fun. Sigh. I’m a bit of a dum dum about these things but ill see what I can do:))). Thank you for the encouragement Soma:)))

  4. Something very profound here David… Really love this. The tree’s growth and direction is free, free of influenced by external opinions and judgements… free to be who he/she is.. and in that there is beauty. What an amazing metaphor for something we should all strive for – personal freedom to live our true selves….

    Sorry so philosophical this am… work too early with what seems to fire soaring in my throat — this was a nice distraction and BEAUTIFUL work ~~ RL

    • No robyn…that’s exactly it….Probably good and bad choices there….But…definitely it is what it should be:)))…awe :((( do you have strep??

      • Oh good – that’s what it seemed to convey to me.. hope not on Strep – maybe just too much wind at the beach yesterday. Came out of nowhere… I LOL never get ordinary colds – only exotic things !! ~ hee hee.
        May just dissipate — no time for this nonsense when there are pictures to take and blog posts to create – 🙂 Thanks for your sweetness David!!

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  6. Very nice. Reminds me a bit of Silverstien’s The Giving tree. Not because you write about a tree – but because of the message of contentment and hope. Very nice!

  7. And when the tree embraces what may be, all the twistings begin to make sense and the roots dig even deeper finding wellsprings happily glistening through each vein.

    That is what your words pulled out of me, that and a smile. “Love” button. 🙂

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