Sepia Lies

The peace and placidity

that is only echoed by

the innocence of a

naive heart…

Is a  shallow facade

for the toothy predators

that lurk underneath…

swimming slowly and


their smiles belaying

their true nature…

Rays of darkness are twisted  lies

wrapped in a layer

of falsehood

shining and sepiating in the

reflection of a dirty mirror…

Be careful what you believe…

Don’t trust what you see…

Not all is calm

beneath the



David L. Whitman 06/18/2012 from the banks of a “river”


38 thoughts on “Sepia Lies

  1. oooo uh oh – and all that jazz! This one is deep!!!

    “shallow facade –for the toothy predators–that lurk underneath…” Certainly a Jungian psychology undercurrent here… in line with ‘shadow-self’ I think! Love it David — you never cease to amaze… Lovely shot too what lies beneath that calm, shimmering surface – afraid to find out!!! 🙂

  2. “shining and sepiating in the

    reflection of a dirty mirror…

    Be careful what you believe…

    Don’t trust what you see…

    Not all is calm

    beneath the


    Needs creepy horror music to go with it…… in Jaws…..
    Now is this about you, the world, or someone in particular???? That is my question. 😉 Awesomeness in true form! Bravo again, Sir David of Fishland.
    Swimmers and seekers beware!!!!
    hugs, Sammy

  3. Very calm photo and dark on the other hand. Beware what you can find beneath the surface. Well I hope something good. Sometimes we might get surprised what we can find there. 🙂

  4. David, you say very very true. I absolutely agree with you. As sometimes suparfata clear water can hide a swamp where immerse.
    So it can happen between people. Smile, can hide a bad man, full of hatred, which could harm you or your prejudicial!
    I agree ” Don’t trust what you see! ”
    Even trusting someone is dangerous! That’s good to be thrifty in all!
    Have a good night, David! And happiness for tomorrow! 🙂

  5. The first thought that came to mind after reading your post was the movie Jaws. I saw that when I was in my early teens. After that when ever we even went to the lake I was not quite sure of what was beneath the surface. Great poem,loved it. Thanks for stirring up my memories.

  6. Just when I thought I read my favorite line, I kept reading. This is so brilliantly crafted. Nicely done.

  7. Now that my mood is more settled…I can say, this piece…chilling to the bone…nothing is as it seems…sometimes this is good, other times not so much…the thrill of life right?

    • oh…It was sooooo peaceful that day..And truly there are alligators and water moccasins all over…So, it’s a look but dont touch scenario lol

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