Adamantine Soul


The sky crystal

bathed the earth in an

adamantine barrage

piercing the hearts

and souls

of all who were lucky


to receive

this jagged kiss…

And as the celestial

spirit continued

her gifts,

The world resounded

with a profound feeling

of deepest



David L. Whitman 06/19/2012 with a soul pierced by adamantine


45 thoughts on “Adamantine Soul

  1. Well I won’t act super smart and I will admit that I’ve just googled for word adamantine and learned something new :)))) lovely poem and bathing in the sun photo.

  2. Yawnnnnnnnnn ! Oops sorry! Has the poem ended? It seemed a little long for me. Hehehe sorry! I saw something shiny and got distracted. Hehehe

    hazrock, short attention span

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