The Life Noir


teasing our hair

and licking our skin..

the salt heavy air

filled inflated lungs

and the breaking

waves were

ear candy..

So even with

the tickle of sand

in crevasses unknown,

the life noir

still reigned

over all..


David L. Whitman 06/19/2012 from under a negative sun


39 thoughts on “The Life Noir

  1. Got carried away completely…I can smell salty air, hear the waves and there is nothing noir in my head everything very vivid after all πŸ™‚
    Like poem and photo

  2. Ahh. The beach! Sand between my toes and all over my stuff. Getting at least 3 shades darker even with sunscreen/sunblock. Dry wrinkly face. Hot. Humid. Unending thirst. Yet, I still come back for more. Next time I’m going protected. in a space suit.

  3. Excellent way to take your reader with you on this sun soaking salty advenure David. ‘Sand in crevices unknown…’. How transformative that line is…. Can feel it :). Love the image s well– nice one!!! πŸ™‚

  4. It’s true. The beach can be a love despite the sand flies, sand where it’s not wanted, and sunburns. Nothing is perfect I guess. Hope you’re well today.

      • lol…well, we have ‘noseeums’ too…in the forests…they attack unseen and next thing you know you are bleeding, literally, they take out chunks when they bite, and you never felt or saw a thing…creepy little suckers that are invisible..sand flies are just that I’m having coffee…I’m surviving.

  5. Ooh la, la….I found this one sexy! lol Obviously I’m in a better mood. Very sensual and visual, and matches the photo and experience of beach perfectly. Very effective, Sir D. Can’t wait to wade in the waters in CA in one week. Hugs and wink. Sam of the sea

  6. David, as always very very nice! Picture and poem!
    I always liked black and white images!
    Have a great day, David! Be blessed with a beautiful life! πŸ™‚

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