Deep Inside the Swamp


Through muck and bogs

and over logs…

Deep into the swamp..

 with sticky feet

all glued with peat…

dark within the swamp…

Mosquitoes whirl

and mist does curl…

hot inside the swamp..

With spooky sounds

all around..

Shivers in the swamp…

But with a spin

they’re closing in…

heart is beating

now and then…

Some sour thing

is in my skin..

trail is gone

if not where when…

Lost I think

but then again…

Perhaps is payment

for my sin…

scared within the swamp…

Always in the swamp…


David L. Whitman 06/20/2012 lost without a compass

37 thoughts on “Deep Inside the Swamp

  1. You are crazy good, you make me imagine the swamp altogether… your vision is so clear in your writing I feel like i’m really there

  2. I am there too…you brought the feeling alive so well…the question posed, payment for past wrongs…I get that. Yet the picture you chose…it is so not swampy looking to me…excellent contrasts…again.

      • I’m ok thanks… a bit contemplative…this was really my first friend (of my generation) that I have lost. Almost surreal…can still hear her voice ~ think she’s at peace though —
        Alright now, going to check out your 2nd post of the day David — know it will lift me 🙂

  3. David, you wrote very well. It fits perfectly with the image and your words led me to imagine all sounds scary swamp and hear what is there.
    I’m also scared the swamp.
    Have a good night, David! 🙂

  4. like how the word swamp is repeated…it makes the poem heavy, the words work together to pull the reader down into this swamp……..I think my youngest would like this poem read aloud in the dark with a flashlight and haunted noises. he he.

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