This little area is an overflow creek off a main river…It has become landlocked as the waters receded…The fish left here do not have appropriate oxygen to breathe…It’s a natural course of the cycle of life in a floodplain or a swamp…the birds will pick them off soon…


choking, gasping,

searching for air…

just a gentle breeze

to stir this stagnant mire…

Dressed up in filth..

This finery long since expired..

Rags limp and stuck

to sores crusted over

and bled out…

My brethren and I…

Breaking the surface with our lips….

Sucking the atmosphere

of this foreign land…

poison to our soul…

anathema to our lungs..


In this time that

we wait…

still better..

than none

at all…


David L. Whitman 06/22/2012 in need of some good air…


31 thoughts on “Breathless

    • no…it’s a dry creek that only has water if the rivr overflows…then the fish swim in…the waters recede and they are stuck…slowly dying

  1. David!!!! Yay! Powerful and so real…..This really shows the depths of your heart and mind. So grand it is….and the last lines…..about time…and how it is still better than none…very moving. I’m glad you spoke at the start about the natural event…prepared me some for the poor fishy…but they know no better—that is life to them. They don’t fear like we humans do…I think that is our biggest obstacle…to be as nature and release all the fear. HUGS my fine friend. So glad to know you!!! xoxo Sam

  2. Beautiful and sad ~ the product of your sensitive spirit is evident here. Can feel the stagnation in your poetry and photo here, and makes me want to do something!! Almost a panic state (thus breathless for oxygen myself) ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I feel for the fish and want to help some way. As Sam mentioned though, fish just accept and don’t have the feelings us humans do… amazing to contemplate that. Wonderful work David, as usual ๐Ÿ™‚ ~RL

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