The Arterial Flow


Arterialy running over

grainy sands…

flowing  like thickened blood,

the water feeds

all those around…

  Plasmic life

drinks fully

from this aquatic wellspring…

gorging itself

upon the iron

and minerals


A crimson delight

brings forth life

in an explosion

of energy…

And the pulsing…

This rhythmic pumping…

will not stop…

even when

the precious water

is gone…


David L. Whitman 06/22/2012  feeling the flow…


35 thoughts on “The Arterial Flow

  1. Why do I feel aroused when I read this? I know it is besides the point.. Throbbing with life! Excellent.

  2. Two polar opposite posts today…the language here..the exact opposite of this morning…:) I love the second half…invigorating

  3. I’m not even saying what I think that wood looks like it’s doing. lol! Let’s just say my poem wouldn’t have been publish-able. lol. I can say that, as you know me, and know my strange mind. 😉
    Your endings have been very good lately…..continuing onward with the pumping…I like that. Okay, I’ll stop giggling now. You sure used a lot of suggestive words! The power of Sir David to swoon all of Fishland. I bow down to you, Mighty One. You are supposed to laugh and smile…not that I’m telling you what to do. lol
    Thinking happy thoughts and sending them your way. SMILE 🙂 Sam of the green

  4. I believe in your innocence David 😉 .. Only for a split second did I become suspect of what u were trying to do to those of us estrogenic females clinging to your every adjective!! Lol! Teasing u of course…:). Loved it nevertheless…. Wonderful to witness your evolution as a writer and photographer 🙂 – RL

  5. David, you always have exceptional writing. The picture is gorgeous! 🙂
    I believe that nature teaches us the best lessons of existence. Just open your eyes wide and see the mind’s eye. You, David, it’s power and wisdom to see the messages you send nature! Congratulations David!
    I wish you a wonderful day! 🙂

  6. I just love reading ur poems..though I am online very less, coz I post only on Thursdays and Sundays. But I try to read your poems first and then, I post my poems!! Great words by you there!

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