Envying Acceptance


Looking at the sun

with wide eyes…

corneal burning for

the pure love of the sight…

My envy intensifies,

As the river receives her other…

And the spiraling of golden water

and aquatic sun

leads me down the path

of acceptance…

these things are

beyond my control…

And emotions are wasted

on the dead anyway…

Better to just

sit back…


And enjoy

this eternal

and almost




David L. Whitman 06/23/2012 from my mind’s eye…


50 thoughts on “Envying Acceptance

  1. This one is so sad. Your poems have extra flavour no matter what kind of spices you use.
    When I bite in your poems they mix my emotions one way or another. Like it.

  2. I can’t even put into words what I read in this. It’s really lovely…transformative…I’m sure it’s just my mind today…just this piece spoke to me in a really unexpected way. Hope you’re well this morning…

  3. Awww….. acceptance of the painful through a lovely path discovering the beauty that lies waiting as it reveals its secrets. Why does the river have to gulp things away? … Well, no use wasting those emotions on the dead. I do so agree.

    I just had a conversation with your lovely poem, and your image made me stare so much my eyes can only see golden dots! Wunderbar! Loved the mix of emotions and streaming here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Beautiful work David… So nice to have a guide (sun water) down that path of acceptance. It’s often challenging to go it alone. Your metaphors here are touching, and the image perfect! ~RL

  5. So much beyond our control; emotions are spiraling, hey??? Sending you huge hugs of support. You filtered your soul into the words well here, Sir D. Seems a bunch of stuff is happening. You could almost be the sun, the water, and the murk, and the dead…..all mixed together.
    Sorry for my silly tone yesterday…first day of summer for my boys…I was a bit giddy. I’ll try to be more sensitive…..wait a second….no, no, no…..I’ll try to be more calm…there we go. You are such a great guy. Hang in there. Bubbles of peace floating your way…and your own sun, just for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sam

  6. I envy people who can just do that… Though I do have moments where I suddenly feel really connected to nature and I get that flutter of butterflies. Excellent!

  7. You conveyed the difficulty of real acceptance so well. First you have to want to accept and want to let go. If you’re not at that place then it’s useless to try. In the meantime the sun keeps shining, the river keeps flowing and sometimes you think – how dare they? Anyway that’s where reading this poem and looking at this photo led me. Thank you (I guess) ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That’s very true:) Whether you are ready to make a move…the world keeps rolling along…How dare they:) i love that..thank you so much:))

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