The Time out of Shadow


This post mayyyy be a bit dark, but I have been reading a lot of H.P. Lovecraft and that’s where this comes from…So, be not alarmed by what you see…(who knows, it may not be that bad lol)


the shadows stretched

in this accursed forest..

distorting and changing the truth

til the dank light..

what little there was…

chortled and mocked

the scarce life

that lived

in this barren land…

after a time,

the creepers arrived…

bulbous and slinking…

slithering forward in an effort to feed…

drinking the ebbing glow

from the very face

of fear itself…

the ground cried out

at their abominable presence…

But no help came…

the very sound of dread

having been sucked up,

til nothing else


but one keeningย  wail..

warning everyone

to never come near,

a place..

as blighted..

as this..


David L. Whitman 06/24/2012 from the outskirts of Arkham City…


79 thoughts on “The Time out of Shadow

  1. I am officially in love with this piece…I need to go back and read it again…but here, in writing, at least to un-educated me, you turned a corner…a big one!

  2. Wow. Powerful and very creative. I like this much. You paint a clear picture.

    But no help cameโ€ฆ

    the very sound of dread

    having been sucked up,

    til nothing else


    Glad you warned up ahead of time. So I won’t worry, but instead grasp on to the intensity and thrill of the poem. Thanks Sir D. ~ Sam

  3. Booooooooo…. I like it. For horror I need a pillow and a hand to squeeze, I have pillow but hand where is it?
    Photo perfectly fits to a poem, I like this escalation of tension in poem and calming down this tension a bit at the end but still spooky.. Woohoo
    Did I mention that I like this dark poem;) More, more Daviiid:))))

  4. Wow! The setting that you conjured up is perfect (even without the photo – which is wonderful itself BTW) – just the right amount of ‘put you on the edge of your seat ‘suspense. Remind me to call you for a reading at our next Hallowe’en party, lol.

  5. Light or dark. Light to dark. Dark to light. It doesn’t matter. Even if you write a poem about stinky shoes after a soccer game, your legions of fans will love it. Heheh!

  6. “after a time,
    the creepers arrivedโ€ฆ
    bulbous and slinkingโ€ฆ
    slithering forward in an effort to feedโ€ฆ
    drinking the ebbing glow
    from the very face
    of fear itselfโ€ฆ”

    oooo campfire material… yes a bit gloomy and dark – but we need to go there too ~ it’s all part of the creative exploration — and I like this David!! Doesn’t make me worry for some reason as seems almost like a fictional spooky story ~ but oh so poetic and the matching image — perfect!! ~ Ozone breezes back to you and stay away from the ‘creepers’ will ya!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Robyn

    • ahhhhh…I’ll stay away from the creepers, but will the creepers stay away from me lol…veryyyy fictional and pure fun:)))) Ahhh thank god for the ozone:))) how are you Robyn:))

  7. What great imagery you paint with your words! It is amazing how you built up intense emotion inside the reader yet slow the, down to feel the intensity by the formatting of the poem. Keep up your wonderful writing and breath taking photos.

  8. David, right now I wish I was there I seek refuge in the woods, sit in the shade of oak to be much cooler for us here, it’s hot … and I would walk without fear.
    Wonderful poem you wrote. Congratulations, David! ๐Ÿ™‚

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