Trail to Nowhere


One more small trip into Lovecraftian brand spookiness…Little more subtle this time I think…


whether it be dirt,


or the blood’s rhythmic flow,

Most pathways do have

a final destination

in mind…


The winding trails

inside my brain…

At times….



to spiral me into

a festering madness

filled with slovenly


and a type of gluttony

and fleshy excess,

only found in the

dankest and most

remote corners

of this decrepit land…

It is then,

when I realize that true fear,

is not of something hidden,

and capering in the closet…

but, the not knowing,

if these thoughts in my head…

are my own?

Or something elses


David L. Whitman 06/25/2012 lost in a maze…


54 thoughts on “Trail to Nowhere

  1. This poem perfectly describes my mood today… Expect a series of bleak poems to grace your ‘Reader’ at some point. Excellent as always!

  2. I feel fear in this poem. well all trails leads to somewhere and fear is always there every time you hit the road. This sugar trail is very inviting and mysterious.

  3. The last time I walked down a path like this, I was carrying a basket of food. Then a huge animal, must be from a dog family, pounced at me from the trees. I don’t know. He must be attracted to the red cloak I was wearing.

  4. Yikes! This one scared me more than yesterdays…for sure…It’s the part at the end, not control the internal self, that it is controled by something else entirely…that is CREEPY! That is the element to horror…that will always keep me at a distance…this whole piece…creeped me out to the core…successful horror write..for sure.

  5. Hello, I like this poem a lot David, it reminds me very much of my aspie loops of not knowing. Also the constantly struggle to do what is right when the darkness is so easy to sink into. I felt a connection with this one.
    Thank you for sharing all your beautiful photos and poems. Love and hugs. Lisa. xx 🙂

  6. “…and a type of gluttony

    and fleshy excess,

    only found in the

    dankest and most

    remote corners…”
    I had a vivid picture in my mind of this. The use of gluttony and fleshy excess very much set the mood. And the talk of your thoughts or another’s…..that ringed true, as you know my history with picking up emotions. I like the “dark” poetry, doesn’t give me a horror feeling, but more an in depth look into the human experience. I thought the angle of the photo was grand. I could step down the stairs onto the path…..or just cling to the spot I’m in…perhaps a door, step, railing, or nearby hand. Light and love to brighten any path you walk upon today. Hugs, Sam 🙂

  7. David, you always have very good writing. You say very true. I agree with you.
    Very true, in any situation we are, each of us fix the limits for all our actions, the emotional state in mind.
    The picture is very beautiful!
     I think that when you are on a deserted road, away from civilization and you appear, without prior notice to an unknown type, this scares you greatly, not knowing what is in his mind … not know his intent. At that point, take a difficult decision … continue ahead or go back. Call to your intuition, you should go without regret… in this way I do
    I wish you a wonderful day, David … to be greeted with smiles wherever you go hot and happiness! 🙂

    • intuition….that’s often the key….we all have it, but will we trust it?…thank you so much, Stefania…we have many storms here…hope you have a lovely evening:)

  8. ooo not sure this one isn’t more worrisome than the last David!! Seems more about the psyche and “winding trails inside my brain” as well as the “not knowing if these thoughts are my own” lead the reader all kinds of places of which we all can relate! Well done my dear David… photo excellence as always too!! Sending spooky horror hugs to you today 🙂 RL

  9. david… you need to be extremely proud of this work no wonder you wanted to show it off!
    You are a fantastic photographer and deep thinking being with a rocking relationship with language!
    I love this poem
    really feel it
    this isn’t a bleak poem at all, but a gentle exploration of the psyche. i

  10. “winding trails inside my brain” and “festering madness” – I usually find a glass of vodka resolves this momentarily – then again, maybe it led me to that place to start with… hmmmm 🙂 In either case, I thoroughly enjoyed this piece and related entirely too much…

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