No Choice


No matter the

darkness of the path


No matter the

luminous shapes

that clutch and grab from

the shadows…

And no matter the

fear that gnaws at you

from the inside


This road must be traveled..

Not only by you…

But by everyone

who calls themselves

a member…

of the human..



David L. Whitman 06/26/2012 from the middle of the trail


46 thoughts on “No Choice

  1. Excellent! You know, this is something I struggle with; a lot of people say that everyone feels alone sometimes etc. but I find that of no consolation whereas a lot of people do! I just love how you pencil-shade your poetry. )

  2. I take comfort in the fact that the road must be traveled not only by you but by everyone who calls themselves a member of the human race because that means there is always someone close by and we can help each other travel the dark path, face the shadows, and overcome the fears.

  3. Very powerful poem, this road must be traveled we can’t escape this road no matter how much we try. We walk on it all the time we are just not aware of it.

  4. It’s not always an easy road…we are all in different stages of the walk, but eventually…the colour comes back, and the air is breathable, the tightness in the chest eases…a difficult walk..lovely heart write today.

  5. Awesome poem, in every word and so true.. We must also know that there is a light, even when you don’t see it.. You can feel it if you want to deep inside your heart.. greetz Summer

  6. Oh wow David…. this one really hit me as my pretty intense shadow post today speaks of transcending the pain – and the planet … to escape this path!! Not sure if you stopped in yet today — but pretty good synchronicity here πŸ™‚ Ok…so you are saying we have to ultimately have to walk the walk… yes, I would have to agree ~ at least while we are in our ‘earthly’ state πŸ™‚ Love your poem …. a reality check for me 😦 and the photo lends an air of gloom and mystery ~ When I come down from my astral escape…I’ll get back on the road ~ than you dear friend… RL

    • Well. I think in one way or the other. We are always on the path. Sometimes as a weightless floating thing. Sometimes as if our shoes are full of lead. All depends I suppose. I loved your post Robyn. Just special special. Thank you so much lovely Robyn. Hugs hugs:))))

  7. Brilliant in its simple truth. The journey you scribed matches the photo perfectly. Awe….we’re all in this together, though it feels so entirely isolated and lonely at times. Much love to you fine friend. Knight of Fishland and gentle woven truth. xoxo Sam πŸ™‚

  8. I absolutely agree with you, David. It is important to overcome fear!
    Again you have posted exceptional!
    David , I wish you a good night … sending warm smiles for you! πŸ™‚

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