Confusing Nausea


Roads at the cross…

All trails lead here…

A metamorphosed gear

spirited away…

‘deep in the wooded center…

spokes from a hub…

radiating and spiraling outwards

like bullets shot from a

gleaming diamond…

right left…left…right…

turning and spinning…

nauseatingly confused…

Every path looks wrong…

but surely one is right…

Reaching out…

My hands stretch through

this haze of worry..

passing by the syrupy darkness..

trying to grasp that one

crimson thread that will

pull me out of this fearful

place before the

sands run to

their very



David L. Whitman 06/27/2012 stuck at the crossroads of worry


44 thoughts on “Confusing Nausea

  1. Ok – this one got me really dizzy David!! Which way – and every path looks wrong !! This spinning does not seem like mystical enlightenment type either… HELP!! 😉 Great job here…it really did give me a moment of panic… but lucky for that one crimson tread — HOPE!! Loved it David ~~ RL

  2. that is a fantastic wooden post….what a metaphor for life.
    Crimson thread to grasp….sending you a dozen crimson threads that all lead to peace, serenity, hope, passion and love. All easy to hold onto and find through the haze of worry. And you don’t have to choose. They’re all good, I promise.
    Wonderful way to match the image to human emotion and experience.
    I seem to be facing my own wooden post of opposing directions tonight….
    Much love and light to you Sir D. 🙂 Sam of the elves

  3. Which way to turn? hmm good question try one step left and one step right or just one step straight ahead, your foot/heart will know which one is right. Sometimes is good to leave your head out of it and just listen. Now I am confused which way to turn…lol

  4. David, here you really need to appeal to our intuition, that we can choose the correct way!
    And now I think that sometimes these signs are confusing really beneficial for people eager for adventure and adrenaline who want to grow up! :))))
    I you want a quiet night and a lot of happiness, David! 🙂

    • Yes…intuition is a wonderful word and the key to this…many times we have it, but ignore it:)))) wonderful happy night to you, Stefania:)))

  5. Ok THIS is what I feel like today! ‘stuck at the crossroads of worry’ as I attempt to research and inform others (on my other blog) about how essential it is to eat organic… and why! Arghhh… so many signs! Nice to not feel alone anyways 😀 Thanks David!

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