Mirrors in my Eyes…


Soft focus morning

floats down on the

wings of whippoorwills…

A lonely loon haunts

the water with its

tired, lost voice..

Tossing stones

inside circles

within circles…

watching the rings

expand into a raging

torrent of my own creation…

until time passes…

and with a blink…

the waters calm

till the glassy surface

becomes like the


that dance


my eyes..


David L. Whitman 06/29/2012 from the edge of the maelstrom


45 thoughts on “Mirrors in my Eyes…

  1. Have you heard loons in the morning on the lake…eerily heaven…perfect dear David. Hope your day goes well. xo

  2. This may be my all-time favorite ‘David’ nature photo! Love the reflection and the colors, and perfect composition and balance ~ Poem is my ‘cup of tea’ as well with circles upon circles and mirrored waters… delight>>> Just enjoyed immensely!! ~ Hope your weekend is happy David!! ~ 🙂

    • :))))))))))). I’m so glad love the photo as well. Exactly like what I’d like to see out my window:)))). Wishing you a happy weekend as well:)))

  3. David, as always, everything is gorgeous! Both image and your poem, are fantastic!
    Have a very very beautiful day !
    Be blessed with much happiness, David! 🙂

  4. Ahhh… I needed this! Have been working and researching GMOs all day (scary stuff) so the ‘soft focus’ floating calls of whippoorwills and loons calms me, and sends me to favorite places I have been… Thank you! As always dear poet.

      • It is a beautiful picture! I can be very stimulated by colours and pictures, so it really enhances my experience of your writing.

        • A need? How does it impact on you? You men are visual creatures by nature, though… 😉

        • lol…I don’t know…It’s more like I want there to be a symmetry between words and picture…a balance and I like both mediums to be joined there…So, it’s not actually a need for visual, more of a need for balance:)

        • Hmmm… I know what you mean. For me, it is also that when I write, I really live and see what I am writing about, and so for me, to have that visual stimulus is like completing the picture. I guess that is what you are saying!?

        • more or less…What we write always has a connection to something…to nature…a real life event…a worry…something joyful. And also, I’ve fallen in love with the photos lately…at first it was just the writing, but now, I really like to match them…

        • …And you match them beautifully! I can tell that you take time in choosing the pictures. I won’t choose a picture until I get struck down by something inside which will tell me that it corresponds to my writing. I guess that is where the symmetry comes in from my end.

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