Fading Away


Colors become light…

and light becomes day…

And soon enough the glow

is fading away…

and once again the night

shall have its pay…

and follow on the heels

of impending gray..

Should I depart

or maybe stay?

my head so worried

in full dismay…

just don’t know

what I can say…

when my soul

is this fileted…


David L. Whitman….06/30/2012 from the lap of Dr. Seuss


30 thoughts on “Fading Away

  1. Your filleted soul… So poignant. Again, can relate! I love, love, love your writing – so much so that I nominated you for two awards! 🙂

  2. oooo — this one made me uneasy/worry David… I hope you are just listening to the dark stories before bed again, which inspires your wonderful, but ‘darker’, writing piece. Feels like chaos and confusion/panic in the soul for me… reading (not unfamiliar feeling either)…. and wishing to see your soul back in it’s state of wholeness and not carved up!! 😉 Sending hugs — and loving your image which does emit those rays of hope ~RL

  3. David, the picture is huge, also your excellent poem!
      Should not be worried, it’s great to live every moment of life, the maximum intensity from dawn until dusk and enjoy all the blessings that are given to us!
    I send you warm smiles and happiness, David! 🙂

  4. I don’t like the thought of your soul being cut into boneless strips…..makes me very sad 😦 but also makes me think of filet-O-fish sandwich—which stirred me to watch fish sandwich Youtube videos…. I love this photograph. I missed your photos of sun and light. And I think you should definitely stay, not depart, because the sun is bound to come up tomorrow. And I stopped myself from posting Youtubes of the sun coming up and a singing fish. 🙂 Sam of elf land 🙂

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