It Never Stops



Crushing stubbornness…

little bodies trampled

and broken…

Stomped upon and

ground into the dust..

No rest…

moving breathlessly onward…


some make it

to the other side…

and without


sounding the atonal bell…

they find that…

it never stops, and

there are bigger

rivers yet

to cross…


David L. Whitman 07/01/2012 from the edge of the ditch….


41 thoughts on “It Never Stops

  1. Personally, I reckon that it’s about always having to overcome things, and the weariness that brings! Love, love, love!

      • No, no! I am interpreting it as that, as this is something which is bugging me right now. 😦 And yes, it most definitely can be seen that way too! I love it, David. You sound like me though, I spend a lot of time hating what I write after I publish it at the moment. 😦

        • I’m just making up an explanation…Honestly…It was more negative…No matter how hard you try, it just never ends was more what i was thinking…Like I said to nightlake…I don’t think I’m a good judge on what i write lol

        • David, I LOVE what you write. You are someone who I always look forward to reading their latest posts. You are a very talented man… I do understand though. Right now, I am feeling pretty useless.

    • no…And I’m honestly not sure what to submit…I think my judgment is off…I tend to like the ones best that are the least liked, and the ones that get the most likes are my least favorites…I think I need an editor lol

  2. Yes…the ongoing, just when we think it can’t get worse, it does, and so on…my heart knows this too well…and joins your in this sentiment. Hoping you can find a gleaming light of joy today, no matter how small and faded. xo

      • Always…I have such a strong hope, but it doesn’t always take the sting out, in fact, sometimes itmakes that stinging sensation stronger, because this hope burns so bright as an opposite. A catch/22 I’ll live with:) xo

        • Well, the hope is more than immediate…greater than that, I’m a person of faith in the unseen…don’t tell So my faith in the supernatural is stronger than lifes pain and grind…but I think that can hieghten the grief of it.

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