Manifested with Destiny


Slowly gobbling up the land…

creeping along..

Mile after mile…

crunching and crashing…

smiling and brashing…

Manifest in its destiny

to carve a path

from ocean to ocean

and sea to sea….

til the earth bares its scar,

and the jewels are all mined…

riddled with lonely towns

only inhabited

by the ghosts of the past…

Shared only by the company of

the bravest of tumbleweeds,

who still hold out for hope

long since forgotten in

the others…


David L. Whitman 07/02/2012 manifest in my destiny


16 thoughts on “Manifested with Destiny

  1. Such a twisted piece…the bleak, followed by brave tumbleweeds…dead, rolling plants, uprooted…a sadness here that eats my heart. Hope you are well sweet David. xo

    • Glad you enjoyed it…There was a little piece about “manifest destiny” in the movie Ravenous from last week, and it’s been itching at me:)

      • Somewhat interesting that it “ate my heart” then eh?…lol That makes me laugh ironically. Would love more back story to the birth of this piece, but, if you’re anything like me, you like to keep your thought a bit more to yourself than that. Hope you have a great day.

        • lol…there isn’t much….and its nothing private..a big part of manifest destiny in the 1800’s was connecting the coasts via railroad…A lot of towns boomed along the railways…Later on, the interstate became the primary way to travel and some of these towns by the railroads went into severe decline..Sad, but interesting…This morning, it just sort of came to me, so I typed it in….

  2. I have been thinking of the railroad museum in Sacramento for two days. lol…totally reminded me of the journey the men had building the rails…so many deaths, misery, alone times….great piece. Had an historical feel to it. Love the photo, too, Sir D. About to venture on my own journey in a bit. Great to see this side of your art. Enjoyed much. It’s solid, strong, and masculine…lol….oh, no, I think that chakra is on overdrive again…..locomotive…..
    Hugs to you 🙂 Sam

  3. I agree with the comment from Sam about it being strong and masculine; it is also bold and brave. I do like the different course you have taken with this piece; I know that there is a historical element, but it also has a little double entendre which leaves it open… *Hugs* Hope you are ok, sweetie.

  4. Ok – I agree too — has a very masculine voice … and I think the photo exudes this strength/dominance this as well… even your words:

    “crunching and crashing…
    “smiling and brashing…
    Manifest in its destiny
    to carve a path
    from ocean to ocean
    and sea to sea….”

    reminds me of the ‘man’s journey’ … Suppose can be the ‘woman’s journey’ as well these days but has a feel of, as Sam would say, ‘the “knight” …. Great work Sir David 🙂 Sending strength and smiles ~ Robyn Lee

  5. David, as always great – everything – and the picture and poem that you wrote you! Congratulations, David! 🙂

    These days, I have a very, very busy. When I saw the picture, I dream with open eyes and I wanted to go anywhere … to let everything go …
    Then we descended down to earth and realize that wherever I go, fate will remain with me always … no one can escape it … so it is better to fix what was scheduled, without trying to cheat. :)))

    Have a great day, David, and week blessed with much happiness and, if possible, more relaxing! 🙂

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