Before the Storm


Towering majestically,

The soft whispered canopy

is home to the chitter chatter

of all types of life…

Squirrels and leaves

and cones of pine,

twist and grow in the

afternoon breeze…

Soon the clouds glide in

with sinews of darkest gray

only to bathe the glow

in the colors of night…

Lightning crashes

and brings the torrents

over the land…

Rivers upon rivers

pour down from the

angry sky…

but then this sweet haven…

The nest neath this old oak…

Remains dry and warm…

Safe from the ravages

of wind and time..

A place where no clocks reach…

and hearts can beat just

a little calmer

and a little safer

than in the




David L. Whitman 07/05/2012 caught in the rain


30 thoughts on “Before the Storm

  1. Beautiful David…. I would love to be in that safe peaceful ‘sweet haven’ when the storm hits… make sure to save me a spot – k? 😉 Sounds heavenly – and your photo is very artistic tonight — like an etching. Really enjoyed this friend 🙂

      • Just saying hi David ~ hoping you are well. Still on my same roller coaster here, but think of you often and thought would be nice to pop in. Hope your Dad is doing well, and you are still writing even if off-blog 🙂 Much Love ~

  2. What a lovely painting of words…a haven…what a gift to behold…just lovely. The photo, with the lines behind…beautiful. Hope you are well. xo

  3. I agree with Robyn and Lady Day: Beautiful was my first thought. Lovely my second. And love the tree….is that a house to it’s right? Or maybe a shelter of some type….anyhow….I just keep thinking that structure is lucky to have such a grand and lovely neighbor. Fine “foto.” Clapping. 🙂 Sam wide awake after coffee for road trip……

  4. David, again you wrote charming! Now I dream with open eyes! :))
    Thank you so much for having shared with us your splendid poem!
    Be blessed with happiness, David! 🙂

  5. I want to dance under that tree and feel the lightening crashing all around me – feeling safe wrapped around danger. Such a scrumptious set of towering words. They make me want to listen to all the shatter and spill my own tales with the critters and that beautiful tree.

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