Sadly Not What it Seems…(From March)

Not as natural as it may seem…

       It is difficult to tell but this is right beside a major Tampa road.  The cars were roaring by when I took this shot.  It honestly looks as deep in the woods as a person could be….But, it’s not.  This got the metaphors dancing in my head and everything seemed to center around cake.  I really don’t like cake that much….Butttttt, it looks incredible, and I think I should love it.  This seems to have distinct connections with other aspects of my life.  This poem was lost….It only exists in my head, and what exists is quite different from what used to be.  But the cake just isn’t as good as it looks……

The cake is a lie…

It looks like cake….

fluffy golden brown topped by rich sweet buttercream….

Vivid colors to rival even the brightest of poppies…

and smells as sweet as wild bee honey….

It looks like cake ….

But  the cake is a lie….

Frosting crumbles like bitter tears…

Rancid stagnation drips into unseen pools…

And colors fade into a sinister gray…

I don’t think its cake at all….

I don’t know what it is….

but it’s not what it seems…

the cake is a lie….

The cake is a lie…

David L. Whitman 03/24/2012 from under a sky so blue….


46 thoughts on “Sadly Not What it Seems…(From March)

  1. Now you’re speaking my language! Food! Lol. My take on it is, yes the cake is a lie. it looks so difficult to make, so complicated. But actually it is easy after following a few simple recipes. I don’t know, maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong. 🙂

  2. Hmmm… My personal interpretation of this is that the cake is a metaphor for something appearing to be sweet, beautiful and tasty but upon closer examination, a disappointment. I am obviously wrong, but just my personal take on it as it has a ring of truth to it, for sure!

  3. That looks like a photo I took—so I like it! lol 😉 Excellent poem. Indeed, this cake is not as it appears. Lacking the depth and inner light, an illusion. I will spend my time in search of other types of dessert that aren’t gray, sinister, bitter, and rancid, and that actually exist beyond what was mistaken for reality. After Mexican food I would like to go out to a dessert house with real yummy desserts…..something with chocolate. I only need five more Samtastics to cash in!!! Glad you pulled this “cake” up from the archives. The cake may be a lie, but your words are sweettttttttttttt. 🙂 he he ~ me

  4. So interesting to read an earlier piece David. Liked it so much. Will have to go looking at more of the “pre-knowing-David” posts on your blog.

    Yes – those yummy-looking, fancy cakes, adorned in icing and asking to be paid attention to. It reminds me of the diner cakes they have in display cases here 🙂 And then when we final have a piece, they are just so disappointing. Sometimes taste more like cardboard….

    Oh forgive my rambles friend.. but such a metaphor for lots of things in life. However – it can also work in reverse, and a piece of cake that is seems unappealing, may be delectable once on the palate 🙂 (you have written poems to this effect I believe).

    Yes, I’m in rare form today — forgive forgive…see what your poetry can provoke! I’m going to float now dear David ~ thanks for sharing – and hard to believe the woods are so close to the traffic in your photo – Really like the light you captured at the top. ~ wonderful weekend wishes for you!! RL

    • Hahahaha. :)))))). Well you are so right robyn. This can work both ways. With people…with food…with pretty much anything…but no matter what. None of us like being duped the negative way lol. I’m glad you’re feeling good:)))))

      • LOL! Yes food, people, jobs, vacations, health care, and on and on…. No like being duped – so agree and hear you there!! Us trusting souls best be cautious, but hard for me. You’re sweet and wish I was feeling good – not so much — 😦 but better than yesterday, and as my mantra goes, “I am where I am, so I better make the best of it.” 🙂 Hope you are well David!!

  5. David is very interesting what you say and also very deep! On numerous occasions I found it. Yes, cake is a lie! I absolutely agree with you! You know, David? Cake which you speak, can be compared with many things around us, even with a person’s life. The outside may look glamorous and you start to know him to live a disappointment. Frequently this happens!
     I wish you a good night! Be blessed with good life and happiness, David! 🙂

  6. David do you know about the cake?? “The cake is a lie” It’s true it’s true the cake IS a lie! Have you played Portal?

    Enough of my silliness, now your poem is excellent! What a perfect description of those farce woods. (And the many things that fluff around our eyes only to be full of rancid air.) I just left Florida, I was on the other side, but I would get sucked into those lovely woods only to see commercial ways pushing them down. Or dead swampy pools trying to entice me to come, sometimes I soaked up the beauty of death in those shallow graves.Still there were some wonderful areas that made my heart flutter.

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