Violet Secrets


Glassy eyes staring

through soulful windows

blinking on a nearby shore…

Each ripple a product

of the shivery light

streaming down from an

unseen source…

Does the water

hide its secrets well?

Does its darkness reveal

a wish?

Only as well

as the violet

depths of your



David L. Whitman 07/06/2012 born from a wish

28 thoughts on “Violet Secrets

  1. “Does the water

    hide its secrets well?

    Does its darkness reveal

    a wish?”


    (I just wrote about “hidden” places and such so this tapped tenaciously.)

    I do enjoy the use of color as well. My world is in moving color so to see your visual make my mind’s eye come alive with your words is so grandiose.

  2. The photograph immediately sucked me in…so beautiful. And then the poem. Oh, the poem. 🙂 Wonderful.

    I am a little bit leary of what the water hides anywhere that Spanish moss grows, though. Heheh.

      • Yes, I spent several months in Baton Rouge, LA several years back. You can bet your booty that I cast a lot of sidelong glances at any body of water I encountered. But, my Canadian prairie girl heart was completely stolen by the gigantic magnolias that sometimes have the habit of being a little closer to the water than I’d have liked. 🙂

  3. David, your poem is absolutely beautiful and so deeply. The image is exceptional and in tune with him. Thank you so much for having shared with us.
    I always in my heart I want to always be purple, because it is a measure of color, consists of red and blue in identical proportions, the lucidity and action minded, balanced between earth and heaven, senses and spirit, passion and wisdom.
    But often, in my soul, remain constant in ciel blue …
    Have a great day, David, relaxing, refreshing and much happiness with your family and friends! 🙂

  4. My dog Violet approves. 🙂 Stunning photograph! A lot of the theme of what hides beneath for you lately. Hmmmmmmmmmm? Love “violet depths of soul” part….very pretty. You earned a Fishland party. Great job, Sir D. ~ Sam

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