Canoe Dreams


This silly poem is dedicated to anyone who is a little down…..


Looking here…

looking there…

Wetness is now everywhere…

Floods have raised..

the level true…

Canoes enough

on water blue.

Look beyond

the lake I’ve found

clouds are rising from the


A mist over the water


And the sun begins

to shine…

Stroking out into the


stop your worries…

life’s so bright..

put away your troubles


the future glows

forget the past…

Sadness is its own

black course..

Try a smile

forget remorse…

float into the

sun’s sweet rays…

And your thoughts

burn in the haze….


David L. Whitman 07/07/2012 from the edge of a good dream


34 thoughts on “Canoe Dreams

  1. So this literally sent my mind into canoe dreams…inspired me…may I ping back on this and publish with your title?

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  3. Yay! A happy poem. Made me so joy-filled to read. Inspiring and sweet and creative. A samtastic indeed….or whitastic…or something like that. Makes me want to get out on the water. Lovely photo to…Like the color and contrast. Hope you are as cheery as your words. Hugs,
    Sam the overfeed elf 🙂

  4. David, your great poem! You had a great idea to send through it, positive thoughts! and I love it and the line “Try to smile forget Remorse … float into the sun’s sweet rays …” … Now I smile and thank you so much for prompting positive!
    I wish you great Sunday, relaxing, invigorating and physically … happiness and all the best for you and your family! 🙂

    • :))) I’m glad the message came through..It’s easy for me to be down sometimes, and I need to remind myself to be positive:))) Have a wonderful Sunday stefania:))

  5. Hmm. I just happened to alight upon this poem after a hiatus. Timing, if not everything, is at least something in Life. Thank you for the lift, David. Hope all is well and happy in your world.
    ~ Lily

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