Agua de Muerte (From March)

When I take the time to think of what really pulls me outside, water is on top of the list.  I may adore the mountains, but cascading liquid tugs at me in a way most magnetic.  I may love the Florida forests, but it is the cool springs that truly have me in their icy clutches….The following is a poem written after a visit to one of our lovely springs……

Enveloping aqua swirls down,caressing, coccooning, metamorphasizing…
Gliding coolly, smoothly, all sounds forgotten save my hearts steady tempo..
Deeper and deeper I sink, the aqua sphere a single minded metronome…
Thoughts flip through my head, a slide show of memories soon forgotten….
Fuel leaks through my lungs with no refill in sight…
Eyes slowly close as a cool fire enters with velvet smoothness…
My hands reach out as my body continues to fall…
Fathom by fathom.
To a place
Where not even my dreams may reach…

David L Whitman  03/20/2012 from under a sky so blue….

47 thoughts on “Agua de Muerte (From March)

  1. This, I can truly relate to… I too love the water for the same reasons. Beautiful, otherworldly, soothing…

  2. “Fathom by Fathom” …. incredible… and exactly sums up how the waves feel to me…. fantastic imagery and metaphor here and I adore this photo!! ~ Sending swirling dreamy agua currents to you today David ~ RL

  3. I find water, calming, cleansing, empowering and many other adjectives! Yet strangely I don’t like swimming or paddling!!
    Beautiful poem and the picture is exquisite 🙂

  4. One of my favorites. The color of the water…..heaven. Your words flow so easily, and the energy behind them angelic and they pull me inward and outward at the same time. I would LOVE to dip into that photo….sigh…now must find the hot springs in Oregon and Washington. Very, very good….you are so talented and such a great person. So glad to be your friend. Sam 😉

  5. David, always you have written charming! I like your metaphors! I love it! I love it and the image!
      I love water, for the same reasons as you, I clean gives me a feeling of peace, liberation and happiness!
    I love listening to the symphony of water!
    Please have a great sunday night and sweet dreams, David!
    Be blessed with happiness much! 🙂

      • Yes, David! In Romania, we have good drinking water and mineral water we have many beneficial properties for our health. Thank you very much for your positive thoughts about my country. I am grateful for your beautiful thoughts about my country!
        Thank you so much, David! You are a very wise man!
        Be blessed with much happiness, David! 🙂

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