Dusk on the Trail


The time of dusk…

when twilight

bathes the land, and

shadows dance for the

joy of earthy promises…

Footsteps reverberate

with hollow echoes…

Their sonic vibrations

shaking the trees


announcing my



This path I’ve traveled


Plagued with worry,

the miles blend into

a ribbon of darkness


The tracks never change

in this carnival

of souls…

Nor do the leering

masks seen only

in my head..

Each one grins its special smile…

Beckoning me with

toothy luminosity…

Fearfully, I stretch out my


interlacing my fingers with

The future….

And upon entering the


My eyes begin to dance…


that I belonged

among them…

all along…


David L. Whitman 07/08/2012 from twilight’s fervid grasp…


46 thoughts on “Dusk on the Trail

  1. David, I would say that this is a dark piece, but also that it has a bit of double entendre about it. I think that maybe a part of it would be realizing that you should not fear the shadows or the future as they are manifest from within and a part of you or obviously, that the darkness is in fact the face of familiarity in your life. I don’t know, I am probably talking rubbish… As always, though, a stunning piece of writing. Grazie!

  2. Wow David – this is really special. I know I say all your poems are wonderful/fantastic/ amazing and all that… but I truly think this is among my highest favorites. I walked the nature trails daily this winter, and everything you emphasize here feels so real to me. The ending has a certain brightness, and acceptance that I have met up with that myself. Bravo for this work of art poetry and a matching picture that is also superb. Hope your Sunday went well friend… and the carnival of souls you encountered were loving indeed! 🙂 RL

  3. Filled with emotions. I can picture this one fully. The hands touching the future, facing the shadows, the familiar but scary path, the questions. Thought provoking piece that matches the photo well. Lots of truth here. hugs, Sam

  4. David, you wrote formidable! I love everything! So profound and very true are these verses, that have touched my heart and thank you, David!
    The future is always uncertain … uncertainties can be likened to shadows … and we know where the light is shadow. We must not frighten the shadows behind them is the light! And always our way must have a one way … forward, without fear!
    Have a wonderful day and much happiness, David! 🙂

    • Forward without fear….so right, Stefania:)) with an uncertain future, we still need the confidence to move forward:)) thank you so much, Stefania:)))

  5. Dark, ominous trek with a superb ending, David!
    I have been always fascinated by twilight, the thrill of shadows and uncertainty of darkness.
    That is why I find your poem most appealing to me. Very metaphorical even as we all must pass through trails and trials in life. Ah, the shifting shades; dusk to dark night can be felt by your expert use of imagery. Many thanks David. I always enjoy reading your poems.

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