Despite the inherent

fear of charred burning flesh…

It became nigh impossible

to look away

from the gleaming

brilliance of the rising



As the rays

streaked towards

my waiting eyes…

I was left to wonder

whether the oncoming

pain would be

worth the otherworldly

beauty that had graced

the Eastern horizon…

Violet sparks flew..

Mixing with my normal

hazel making a new color

so brilliant…

that anyone in the park that day

lost every memory…


the taste of..

what might

have been…


David L. Whitman 07/09/2012 blinded by the light


50 thoughts on “Sunstreaks

  1. I have too many favorites to count, now. But I love when you write about the sun and light. And this one touched me deeply.
    Violet sparks flew..

    Mixing with my normal

    hazel making a new color

    so brilliant…

    I could see this poem completely. The eyes becoming one; and then I felt the emotions, the wondering, the enticement, the wanting, the holding back, the logical denial, not being able to stop self, and the touch of both sorrow and regret of what is…..sigh.
    Samtastic for sure, and Fishland worthy. I’ve displayed this on a sacred tree in Elfland, near the magical river…your words for my empire to see. 🙂

  2. There’s nothing like the feel of the sun. The vibrance, the warmth, the tanning of my skin. It makes my blue eyes dance. I love the poem. It’s beautiful as always.

  3. I do believe I was just sucked into the image and then, your consuming words! I feel the burn!

    “Violet sparks flew..”

    I felt the sparks and couldn’t look away! Magnificent!

  4. Amazing poetry David …. So know that temptation…. always want to look at the sun (especially during sunset) directly though know it’s not good or healthy to do… still the “otherworldly” quality is so enticing, mysterious, transformational for spirit… rarely can resist. What a gorgeous capture you have here of this glowing sun too…. Splendid post – Loved it 🙂

    • It’s a strange but rational desire…I mean, the sun is there, and sooo prominent, yet every warning is not to look! Thank you so much, Robyn!

      • So true ~ you are most welcome David. Hope all is well by you and you are taking a peaceful break from the blog project….sending good thoughts you way 🙂

  5. David, formidable photo immortalized in sunshine so bright … just dazzling! I love sunshine! Your poem dedicated to the sun is great!
    Have a great day, David and much happiness! 🙂

      • Hello, David! 🙂
        I came to say hello! I came to bring you a smile. I hope you’re good! I hope you are on holiday with your family. I still wish pleasant holiday with your family! Be blessed with good health and happiness, anywhere you are. All the best to be for you and your family!
        Big hugs for you all, with love, Stefania! 🙂

  6. Quiet is hiding it begs to be understood. It softly reaches for hands who read beyond the still the weary droughts. Seasons pointing north – O’come and embrace those who really envision past the words the imagery that thump beats like drums.

    I miss ya my friend!


  7. Oh, Brother Moon,
    where are you?
    cry Sister stars,
    for it is dark,
    and we a’fear,
    the silence clear,
    please light the way,
    so we can play,
    in night’s a new,
    and lead a merry
    dance we will!
    For you can still,
    our beating stars,
    with words afar
    outstripping ours.
    Without your beam,
    your words unseen,
    your moon not full,
    this night grows dull…

    Hope you are well – it is very quiet without you…

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