The Endless Miles

The sun rises and sets

over the glowing tarmac..

step after trudging step delivered

with molasses like



The center lines guide…

separating the climbers

from the descenders…

the early morning glow

fighting valiantly against

dusk’s stern insistence…


To try is to succeed,

and to succeed is to be rewarded

with trying again…

Until the endless cycle…

like the swirls on a

distant beach

of Nautilus shells

becomes clogged and littered with

the flotsam and jetsam

of the weak…

and the drained…


Vampirism isn’t

just a theatrical conceit…

For the years and miles will make you…

or crush you beneath their gravelly heel…

on a distant road…

winding through dusky hills…

in a land more near…

than far away…


David L. Whitman 09/03/2012 from beneath the heel of oppression…


29 thoughts on “The Endless Miles

  1. Helo, David! πŸ™‚
    Β  Well you have returned from vacation! I hope you spent a very nice holiday and cherish in memory only beautiful memories.
    Glad to see you back online! I missed your poems of wisdom.
    Have a wonderful day! Wherever you’re going to be greeted with warm smiles and happiness! We send warm and friendly smiles and big hugs, Stefania! πŸ™‚

  2. Honestly…there was too much here for me to say everything I enjoyed about this one, so I’ll just say, your words are a sight for sore eyes. Thank you for coming back…seems…we all missed you very much.

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