Sunbathing on the Shores of a Nightmare

Thank you to Mike Patton of various bands who inspired the name of this poem….

It’s a line from a short song called Cul De Sac from Tomahawk….

Just liked it….No real reason….


the invasion began in the heavens…

with mist raining down

in a caustic stream…

Slowly seeping into every nostril, eye

and orifice…


the darkness was complete…

and the waters lapped against

the shore with a nightmarish

sloshing and crashing

matching in perfect balance

the harmonic dissonance

contained within my

poor tired brain…

with a tumble,

my body becomes one with the mist…

and the waves greedily claim

another victim….

Only to lazily add me

to their skeletal


shining so brightly …

under the




David L. Whitman 09/04/2012 from the shores of a nightmare….


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