For Chloe


Dedicated to Chloe….the most beautiful dog we could have

ever had…..


Even as the great spark of life

dwindles to just an ember…

and all that is left is the twinkle

within your soft brown eyes…


Even as your body has failed…

and your spirit has flown elsewhere….

Bringing with it the true heart

of our little family….


But, out of the death…

will come new life….

And your body shall feed the sour fruits
with the sugar of your noble soul…


And we shall recover

to feast upon your kindness

To remember your nobility….

And smile at the sun…

as it reminds

us of


Chloe’s Tree


David L. Whitman 09/05/2012 from beside a lemon tree


20 thoughts on “For Chloe

  1. A wonderful piece of writing for her David…she will be remembered for sure…she stood by your side, as our pets do through thick and thin…xo

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