Tesla Love


coiled energy slowly unwinds itself

in meaty sinews eerily across

the land…

The untapped power in organic antithesis

to the smiles and laughs

in the glen beyond…

Life meets death

in this brutal dance of elegance…

And as artificial candles glow,

one firefly slips into death

spirals on its sad

way to the cold barren


The electric hum

roars to life,

and the battle will continue….

Till none are left

to tell..


David L. Whitman 09/08/2012 from the hum of an electric lamp….


16 thoughts on “Tesla Love

  1. Fabulous – poor firefly – but maybe it will come back as a glow worm 🙂
    I love how you can take everyday objects and make such intricate metaphorical poems 🙂
    Great to have you back!!

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