The Undawn Returns…


After day departs

in a slinking haze,

the night stretches on for

an unseemly eternity…

And as the world begins to

show its age and fragility,

light becomes a thing of memories

and campfire tales…

A lucid flash occurs, and

The morning sky shows

steely grey as the undawn

dips its purplish fingers

within the soul

of many an unwary traveler…

Better to stay in…


and keep the fires burning…

for sometimes things that

go bump in the night,

aren’t childish at all…


sometimes they have teeth…

and, without the day

to expose those dusty

nooks and crannies


never see

Them coming…

But seeing is the least of your worries…



they have



David L. Whitman 09/14/2012 from a time of thinking


13 thoughts on “The Undawn Returns…

  1. As always, you wrote a beautiful poem, David!
     Exceptional image! I love it!
    Have a wonderful day! Have a great weekend! Be blessed with much happiness with your family!
     Send warm smiles and friendly hugs … Love, Stefania! 🙂

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