The Heart of the Matter


At the end of

an ever winding path…

Past the bramble, and

deep inside the thicket,

lies a place so secret

that even the animals shy away…

And if one were brave enough

to enter…and

push past the greenery…

they might find a warmth

so pure…

That even the tears

of a carved up

ancient oak,

are unable to stifle…

the pure joy…




David L. Whitman 09/17/2012 from the heart of the thicket


19 thoughts on “The Heart of the Matter

  1. I wasn’t going to comment, as my head hurts…but I had to, because the poem is just so very lovely. Pushing past the green, and the images you’ve created in general are touching, and I especially love the tears of the carved up oak tree…. one of my favorites of yours overall. Clapping. And the photo matches well. If only to be that brave. 🙂

  2. Your poetry gets more and more lovely, David, if that is indeed possible. I hope your summer was happy; your mind seems fresh and sharp, certainly filled with pure poetry. ~ Lily

  3. and just when i thought of some horrid creature lurking from those places..i was pleasantly surprised..beautiful thought David..and why not it is possible that there is nothing but love and inspiration hidden deep inside…
    simply outstanding

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