Beneath the Green


As the sun shone

brightly over the lush

green carpet below…

something slowly seeded

and boiled underneath…

Churning the water to an

emerald froth

and exploding

in an endless fountain of

luminescent hope…

After all had quieted,

a small velvet flower bloomed in

the far right corner

of the pond

as a reminder of the

magic that had

drifted through

that place..

one day…


David L. Whitman 09/20/2012 from the water’s edge


10 thoughts on “Beneath the Green

  1. I LOVE this one because it is about a flower amd I LOVE flowers. I think receiving flowers shows deep intimacy in a relationship, be it between a couple, family or friends. Although as I have become more reflective here lately, I am coming to the conclusion that I may prefer to receive instead photos of flowers so that the enjoyment of their beauty and the thoughts of the one who sent them can be permenantly displayed and not just for a few days until they wilt and die.

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