For Love of the Dark


Leaving that accursed

light behind…

I made friends with brother


The safety and coolness

of the tar like pitch,

relaxed my body….

no longer assaulted by the torrid sun…

But that golden globe…

That aquatic thief…

That marriage of lava

and terror…

Has not gone far…


lurk he does

as the trees hide his density,

and the leaves disguise

his sinister intent…

But I patiently bide

my time

and peek out the window…

The night will arrive soon…

Yes it will…

And then…

All things..

Are possible…


David L. Whitman 09/24/2012 in the glare of the night


15 thoughts on “For Love of the Dark

  1. fits the photo well….the marriage of lava of terror…his giant eye (with lashes) watching through the trees…..good thing you made friends with brother dark and night is coming….. (insert creepy music) I like the twist…how dark is your friend and light the watcher. Also, like that it looks like a UFO…but this you already know. 🙂 ~ Elven Sam (saver of Fishland–don’t forget it)

  2. Oh like this a lot David… it’s a bit of a ‘twist’ for you – yes? Darknss is the friend and sun is the foe? Very cool shot too — how did you do that??!! 🙂 Also – compliments on your new theme– I like a lot! x Robyn

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