Tangent Threads


Despite my singular focus in life,

tangents do pull me

into unswept corners where

dust hides the flaws

of exuberant illogic…..

The light loves my eyes,

but the elegant call of the darkness

at times is too

enchanting to ignore…

I have learned over many

a dusty trail,

To cherish the dank moods,

let the coolness stroke

my burning skin…

and, to remember…

that the light…

is only bright..

Because it glows

next to

deepest midnight..


David L. Whitman 09/27/2012 from the twilight borderlands…



12 thoughts on “Tangent Threads

  1. Wonderful writing here David — says so much…. welcome the darkness – it accentuates the light – one cannot exist without the other. Truly elegantly written, and a perfect photo to accompany it ~ sending good thoughts my friend ~ RL

  2. and isn’t that the most brilliant thing about life? really we could complacently go along thinking this is great and thinking we are experiencing the very best… but down in the corner is a little devil that puts a coat of dull over it… then we vanquish it and the world is brighter… it is always getting brighter and more beautiful with every vanquishing!

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